Getting clean and sober is the best decision you will ever make in your life. Here is some great treatment advice to help you along the way in your addiction treatment.

Choose your friends carefully

Look at your friends. You may want to choose carefully who you hang out with. There is an expression that says, “If you hang out at the barbers long enough, eventually you’ll end up getting a haircut.” In other words, it will be impossible to stay clean and sober if you are hanging out with others who are not—even if they aren’t actively pressuring you to join. And don’t try to be the only good influence in a group of friends. Make sure you have friends who can have fun and enjoy life without drugs. This will help you be successful in addiction treatment.

Make sure you’re ready to start your journey to addiction recovery

Trying to treat addiction when you’re not 100 percent ready to do it for yourself is almost impossible. It’s not something anyone can accomplish for their friends or loved ones; you want to do it for yourself. Treatment is much less effective if you’re not 100 percent bought in. It takes a lot of courage and work to get to a treatment facility; but once you’re there, it’s not magic—it takes work to recover and stay sober.

And this advice goes to friends, family, and loved ones of people struggling with substance abuse as well: Don’t try to make someone get addiction treatment before they’re ready. Stick with them and offer support until they decide for themselves that they want to get help.

Don’t let discouragement defeat you

Overcoming addiction is hard, and any progress you make is a huge step forward. Keep records of how far you’ve come, and keep people around you who will lift you up and remind you of what you’ve already accomplished. Remember that a relapse  can happen it can be part of your journey to recovery.

Don’t feel like you need to get rid of every bad habit at once

When you first start out on the road to recovery, it’s common to feel motivated to change everything that’s harmful in your life at once. Depending on your situation, that’s sometimes necessary. But most of the time, if you start out that way, with big and often unrealistic expectations, it’s very easy to become discouraged quickly and relapse. Instead, take it one step at a time, and let your big and small successes on the way to recovery encourage you and propel you along.

After recovery, distance yourself from your life in addiction

It’s incredibly easy to fall right back into addiction after treatment if you go back to the same areas and friends that you had before treatment. Though it’s hard, it’s usually the right decision to move to an entirely new area after treatment—somewhere you can start a new life and put your new tools and skills into practice without getting distracted or falling back into old habits.

Take all the help you can get

Going through treatment isn’t easy—you can’t do it alone. This is a difficult thing to put into practice, but don’t be shy about needing and accepting help. While you’re at a treatment center, hold on to every new tool, word of encouragement, and piece of knowledge you can get; you’ll be working with and learning from experts who know what you’re going through and how to help you get better. It’s their job and their passion to help you get better and succeed. Take their help and knowledge, and use it to help you grow.

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Erica Franco Mortimer, MA, LPC, LCADC
Founder and CEO
Center for Healing
Evan Berk Erica is a licensed therapist with over twenty-years experience in mental health. Erica offers practical and straight forward advice to those struggling with addiction and their families. Having deep insight and understanding of addiction, Erica is able to offer guidance to those looking to regain control of their lives.

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