Seeking treatment for addiction can come with a multitude of stressors and concerns. It can seem overwhelming when considering things like location, admittance requirements, and cost. Is it truly worth it? What if it doesn’t work? These are the types of valid questions everyone has when researching addiction-treatment programs. Addiction is a disease. But with the right understanding and tools, that disease can be treated. It is important to remain focused on the reasons you are making the choice to seek help. For instance, what if the treatment is a success? Just maybe that treatment can change at least a small part of the struggling individual’s life for the better. Maybe it will provide you or your loved one the tools needed to start down a path toward success and freedom. Here are three ways treatment for addiction can change your life forever, some that you may not have fully considered before.

1. Time for your thoughts, free from distractions
In an addiction-rehab program, you will get some “me time.” Even if you feel ashamed, it is important that you understand the need to have alone time with your thoughts. Addiction-treatment programs help to provide space for you to do some self-reflection, and they offer additional guidance from professionals that can help you understand those thoughts. During your treatment for addiction you will have time free from the demands of everyday life—all in an environment that is suited perfectly to help provide clarity and perspective. The programs are highly structured and free from cell phones and other distractions. It may take some getting used to, but this downtime is a vitally important step in the proper treatment for addiction. These tools and strategies can then be used by each individual as a means of self-control and reflection throughout their life.

2. Support, not judgment
It is important that you know you are not alone. More importantly, you have support in the form of people who truly care about you. Addiction-treatment programs offer a team of individuals to cheer you on and provide the guidance and support needed to gain the confidence you will need to move forward in life. You may feel judgment from others in your life. You may even feel overwhelmed with shame. But it is crucial that your treatment for addiction comes from an understanding and objective point of view that is backed by people who want to see you succeed. There will be accountability. While honest and forthright, it will not be filled with judgment and condemnation. Your treatment facility needs to have a team of professionals and peers that will help you understand you can do it and that you are worth it. This team will be standing in your corner fighting for your success on both an individual and group basis, and they are there for each individual long after they leave the treatment facility.

3. Improved quality of life
A patient may enter a treatment facility with a sense of brokenness, but it gets so much better. As you progress through your treatment for addiction, you will experience an increasingly improved quality of life. Restrictions typically become less and less over time as you progress through the program. Addiction-treatment programs will provide the steps and tools needed to get through addiction rehab in its entirety and transition you back into a conventional lifestyle. It is the really good programs that take it a step further and provide you with the coping strategies that will help you when you get out. Aftercare is vital when seeking treatment for addiction. Self-improvement and progress should not end within the walls of the facility. It is important that it stretches far beyond the program and stays with you as you move forward in life. It is this important quality that will help any individual feel as though they have what it takes to fully succeed when they step out on their own back into the real world. You will have the freedom to structure each day as you see fit, free from the bondage of addiction that can last a lifetime.

Addiction is never an easy topic to discuss. However, the fact that you are taking the time to research helpful options is a huge step. Whether it is for you or an individual you care about, addiction can be difficult to conquer. Seeking treatment for addiction is the only way to move forward and the first step toward lasting change. The Center for Healing is here to help anyone struggling with addiction to find freedom and walk boldly into a healthy and fulfilling future.

Erica Franco Mortimer, MA, LPC, LCADC
Founder and CEO
Center for Healing
Evan Berk Erica is a licensed therapist with over twenty-years experience in mental health. Erica offers practical and straight forward advice to those struggling with addiction and their families. Having deep insight and understanding of addiction, Erica is able to offer guidance to those looking to regain control of their lives.

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